ALIEN ARMAGGEDON, Claudia’s new movie, premieres!



Friday, July 22nd, 2011:   Both ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ and ‘Battle: LA’ bore striking similarities to Neil Johnson’s 7th feature film, ‘Alien Armageddon’.  However, Neil’s film has been in planning since 2001.

“The film was originally called ‘Battleground: Los Angeles’,” says Director Neil Johnson. “When the film ‘Battle: LA’ (and a low budget film called ‘The Battle of Los Angeles’) were announced, we changed the name of the film to Alien Armageddon.  I felt confident that my unique take on the subject and the image of an alien-fighting cowboy would set us apart.”

Unknown to Neil, Universal Pictures were planning their own ‘Cowboys and Aliens’.  “Even our poster art is a little similar,” remarks Neil.  “Alien invasion movies and TV shows like ‘Falling Skies’ are hot right now, and it is fun to ride the wave.  This isn’t my biggest budget film, but certainly has the most media attention because of these co-incidences.”

Alien Armageddon tells the story of Jodie Elliot, a young woman who is trying to find her daughter in a city controlled by an invading alien army.  The Nephilim were mentioned in the bible as a race of fallen angels who preyed upon humanity.  Now they have returned to enslave humanity and conduct genetic experiments.

Neil’s previous films, ‘Nephilim’, ‘Bipolar Armageddon’, ‘Battlespace’, and the recent underground hit, ‘Humanity’s End’ all take place in the same universe. “The film saga spans a thousand years and deals with humanity’s evolution and extinction.  The films are not made in sequential order, but each film expands the mythos of the Humans and the Nephilim.  In ‘Battlespace’ we destroyed the universe, in ‘Humanity’s End’ we destroyed the Earth.  This time it is just Los Angeles!”

Neil Johnson has been a director for 23 years but shows no sign of slowing down.  He is already planning a big time travel film, and then will later return to the Nephilim universe.

Alien Armageddon features Claudia wells (Back to the Future), Virginia Hey (Road Warrior/Farscape), Marilyn Ghigliotti (Clerks), Eric Nyenhuis (Howard Stern’s Jerky Boys), DeeDee Bigelow (Showgirl), George Noory (Coast to Coast am);

And stars Katharine McEwan (The Secret), Rochelle Vallese (Humanity’s End), Don Scribner (Crash), Ben Cain (Dogma),      Will Tulin (Shellter) and Julia Parker (90210)

It premieres on Video On Demand :

-August 1st, 2011Comcast, Cablevision, Insight, Cox   -Dec. 2011- Time-Warner, AT&T, Fios, Direct TV,

And Blue Ray/DVD January 2012.

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