BACK TO THE FUTURE’s Claudia Wells joins the LADY BUG cast

We are so proud to announce the signing on of actress Claudia Wells to the already amazing “LADY BUG” cast.

LADY BUG – Feature film – A break all the rules Psychological Thriller – Inspired by “American Psycho” and Bronson.

A BIG hearty THANK YOU!! to all of our “LADY BUG” BACKERS for helping us achieve our goal.  

Help fund LADY BUG a full-length feature film with all the nuance of the Hollywood films from the 60’s and 70’s, but with the suspense and grit of American psycho, Bronson and Drive.

LADY BUG is a Psychological Thriller/Character study of a chemically dependent woman who loses control of her life after her children and Afghanistan war veteran husband leave her to start anew in a far off city. Willing to do anything to get to her children, she stows away on a private boat only to find her self face to face with a suicidal maniac.

“LADY BUG” is a live-action feature film that we are ready to roll on.  The script is finished, the cast and crew have been selected, and all of the equipment is ready to go. With the help of Kickstarter’s amazing fan base and supporter system, we will be able to shoot in permit-required  locations that are both story driven and unique.

Take this filmmaking journey with the incredibly dedicated LADY BUG team, and be amazed by what you have helped to create. A Psychological thriller that will rival any Hollywood A-list budget.

Christopher Showerman as George. From George of the Jungle 2
Christopher Showerman as George. From George of the Jungle 2

Exclusive Interview with Christopher Showerman, Page – 46


It takes a talented and dedicated group of people to make a film. Listed below are all of the amazing LADY BUG TEAM members that are invested in making this project come to life.

Brooks Campbell Writer/Director.



I have written, directed and most importantly, completed two feature films (Rupert Patterson wants to be a Super Hero and Subprime) both self-produced, self-financed and both have distribution. I have also worked as an artist for over 20 years in the film and television industry for various major studios such as: Disney, Warner Brothers, DreamWorks, Universal, Sony and Fox. Film credits include: The Lion King, Pocahontas, The Hunch Back of Notre Dame, Spirit, Dinosaur, The Flight of the Phoenix, They Came From Upstairs, Boondocks, Tinkerbell, Thor, and Sofia the First.

Neil Kinsella – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0455869/

Credits include: Pee-wee’s Playhouse, Tales from the Darkside, Land of the lost and Once Fallen.

Rachael Cairns – Lead Actress



At an early age, Rachael moved to London to train at The Sylvia Young Theatre School where she was awarded the Maggie Melville award for ‘The Most Promising Drama Student of the Sylvia Young Theatre School 2004’.

After leaving Sylvia Young Theatre School, she began working professionally in both television and film. She has frequented our television screens in various program such as Casualty, Robin Hood and Doctors. As of November 2012, Doctors was nominated for 77 awards and has won 13 with some help from Rachael, where she played the regular role of Emily Fenton. Rachael also played a role in Waterloo Road, which won “Most Popular Drama” at the 2011 National Television Awards. This fascinating role required Rachael to play a diabetic pupil who refused to take her insulin in order to stay slim causing serious disruption to her health and the school.

Rachael is currently residing in Los Angeles after finishing a two year program in New York City at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. Past alumni of the The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute include: Al Pacino, Marilyn Monroe, Robert De Niro, Scarlett Johansson & Angelina Jolie.

Christopher Showerman – Lead Actor



After playing bit parts and minor roles in a few small projects, he landed the lead role of George in Disney’s George of the Jungle 2.

Since then, Christopher has done several TV and feature projects along with live theater performances such as Legends, starring Joan Collins and Linda Evans where he he toured the US and Canada.  In 2008 He wrote and produced a western teaser, “Between the Sand & the Sky”, in which he starred with Dee Wallace and Muse Watson.

Christopher, recently wrote, produced, directed and acted in the full length music drama “Radio America” where he even managed to write all of the songs. Showerman is also a passionate fitness enthusiast and has been featured in several print and online articles. As an actor, Showerman cherishes the opportunity to lose himself in a variety of diverse character types.

Steve Benton – Music



Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Each film has its challenges along the way, and LADY BUG will have a few of it’s own. The greatest challenge I can foresee when shooting LADY BUG will be dealing with the unpredictability of water. Whether its sea sickness, the weather or water safety, these may be obstacles that we will have to overcome as filmmakers.

Our solution is to hire talent and crew that have been on and around boats and will be able to thrive in these circumstances. Either way, I’m sure we’ll need to break out the dramamine at some point in our journey. Fortunately a great deal of our ocean shooting will not be on the water but on a dry land set .

Shooting on the water is always a challenge, and safety always comes first. I can see that making sure all safe guards are in place before rolling will slow things down. But safety is a must.

We will keep you posted on our Web site about any storm or technical delays that we may have. If we have storm delays we plan to shoot are interior footage on those days so there will be no time lost.

Sometimes permits and locations can cause the occasional set back because we filmmakers tend to become too ridged about getting that “perfect” location. What we have to remind ourselves is that there are always other locations that can work equally as well. For example, a back yard patio can become a fine terrace restaurant with the addition of a few candles and shoot with a long lens.

All of the effects that are planned for Lady Bug will be practically shot. 
This means that very little of the effects will be done digitally which will make the effects shots more cinematic and realistic. There’s alway the occasional digital fix that can delay post, but hopefully if we plan correctly the delays will be minimal.

The “Lady Bug” team will do everything in our power to complete this film in a timely and professional manor while fulfilling ALL rewards on time.

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