back to the future

Blogger Matt Day Reviews the “Back to the Future” Trilogy

I honestly have no clue why, but I woke up New Years Day thinking about trilogies. How the age old tradition in the film industry is to take a good films and ideas, and tap them dry, whether the subsequent films are good or not. Of course not all film series are like this at all. So, I rounded up a bunch of the best trilogies (and the ones I just plain enjoy) and I’ve decided to go through them and watch them at my leisure. Since it is the New Years, with the hope of our future year fresh on minds, I figured why not start the year watching one of the best trilogies of all time dealing with the future..and the past and the present and everything in between. I’ve seen ‘Back to the Future’ growing up, but I’ve never properly watched it (and the rest of the trilogy) as a whole. I must say, it has been a pleasure going through these three films today and I’m blown away at how well they hold up to a viewing still.

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