back to the future

Claudia Wells going Back to the Future again!

Have had to keep this a secret… until now.

(Stephen) Furst things Furst, a bit of a disclaimer : i) I do some work for Universal. ii) Most of you probably know that I represent the following actress at my PR firm – so yes, there’s a bit of a conflict of interest here. But heck, at the same time, I am a “Back to the Future” fan and even if I wasn’t working with my friend and client Claudia Wells on this and other projects, I’d be mentioning it anyway! It’s worth mentioning….right!? I mean, why wouldn’t I? it’s ace news! As cool as Pespi Free. So there it is.

So onto the news…

Claudia is reprising her role as Jennifer Parker in the new “Back to the Future” video game. You’ll see, or rather ‘hear’, her from episode 3 onwards. She loved doing this… and looks like it turned out super! see below for a vid and screencaps!

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