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Claudia Wells Returns!

Claudia Wells might have has been off the film scene for awhile, but she’s been captured on celluloid for all times. She’ll forever be Jennifer Parker in the original Back to the Future. You totally bought her and Michael J. Fox as a teenage couple with their future (No pun intended) ahead of them. Alas we unfortunately didn’t get to her interact with herself (well, her 2015 self) and Christopher Lloydd in the sequels. But it is what it is.

You might have noticed her resurfacing during the promotions for the home video re-releases of the BTTF trilogy. Now she’s headed back to the silver screen. Here’s the press release:

“Actress Claudia Wells, best known for her role as Jennifer Parker in the timeless classic Back to the Future (1985), is returning to film.

Wells, who for the last 19 years has been running the high-end fashion store Armani Wells in Los Angeles, has signed to play a part in the upcoming science-fiction film Battleground Los Angeles.

When the world is invaded by an ancient race of aliens, the city of Los Angeles is fortified as an alien stronghold. The only way to fight is from within.

Wells plays a character said to be similar to that of Linda Hamilton’s in Terminator 2 : Judgment Day.

Battleground Los Angeles, directed by Neil Johnson, marks Wells first on-screen appearance since 2008 and her first science fiction film since originating the role of Marty McFly’s devoted girlfriend in the box office smash Back to the Future 25 years ago.

Prior to her involvement in Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future, Wells was a TV regular appearing in the likes of Fast Times opposite Courtney Thorne-Smith and Patrick Dempsey, Off The Rack with Ed Asner, and Disney’s Herbie : The Love Bug.”

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