back to the future

Claudia’s Interview on the BINGE WATCHERS Podcast!

A drinking show that discusses films, actors we love as well as the movies we make, and it is quickly turning into a late night show for your ears. Our guests include other actors, filmmakers, comedians, and musicians. Sit back, listen, and crack open your favorite bottle, and join the party!!!

Nicky T and John Travis go back, way back and talk to CLAUDIA WELLS (Jennifer, Back to the Future.) GUN THIS PODCAST TO 88MPH AND DON’T BREAK YOUR FLUX CAPACITOR, KIDS.

  1. Kevin

    4 years ago

    I’m gonna get that clock tower shirt!!! Claudia is awesome and Back2Future is one of my fav movies since i was a kid, and these binge watching guys and this pod is funny. Who are they?