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UPDATED WITH VIDEO! Claudia’s Store, Armani Wells, Turns 23, by Mike Szymanski

It’s hard for her to believe. Time is flying. Next year, in 2015, it will mark three decades (that’s 30 years!) since she co-starred with Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly’s girlfriend Jennifer Parker in the instant time travel classic “Back to the Future.

And this Friday, Dec. 19, it will be 23 years since actress Claudia Wells opened her shop Armani Wells on Ventura Boulevard in the heart of Studio City, Calif. She first started dressing men in the shop at the location in 1991. Time flies.

What’s most amazing, is that Claudia remains as beautiful as ever, as she continues to act while managing the store.

“I’ve been styling and dressing men since December 1991 and people still ask me all the time about the movie,” says Claudia. Although her shop mostly has formal and semi-formal wear, fans can also purchase Clocktower shirts (the actual one is still up at Universal Studios) and personalized pictures. Her busy appearance schedule is up on her website ClaudiaWells.com (http://www.claudiawells.com). She ships her clothes worldwide, and part of the proceeds go to her favorite charity which helps children learn about making movies called Kids in the Spotlight (KidsInTheSpotlight.org).

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