armani wells

From Adventures of a Reluctant Writer: Claudia’s Store, Armani Wells

I study the photograph and can’t help smiling. There’s no denying that Tony looks great in the well worn leather jacket, something that he probably wouldn’t have gravitated to until fairly recently, when she came into his life. From his expression, I can see that he’s also loving the jacket. It seems to be bringing out different part of his personality-that I’m liking a lot!

She’s good. Really good!

I set my mystery aside and respond to the text.
Love the jacket! Tell Claudia hi.

Sure, I’m perfectly fine with this. You see Claudia, is Claudia Wells: a woman with an incredible sense of style, and the owner of Armani Wells; a high end men’s resale shop located in Studio City, CA. Here customers can find high fashion men’s apparel at below retail value. Her prices are fantastic! But for many men, like my husband, Claudia will forever be known as Jennifer Parker, Marty McFly’s present day girlfriend in the film, Back to the Future.

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