back to the future

From ModernMan.com: 33 Interesting Facts About the “Back to the Future” Franchise

The Back to the Future franchise wrapped filming 25 years ago — and the films still holds up. But we bet there are plenty of movie facts about BTTF that you never knew.

By Ryan Kameen

1. 2015 could be the year the hover board finally comes to life. Seriously.

2. For four weeks, Eric Stoltz from the movie “Mask” played Marty, but the movie’s producer pushed for Michael J. Fox, who was also working on “Family Ties” at the time.

3. Elisabeth Shue played Jennifer Parker, Marty’s girlfriend and later wife, in the series in the second and third films. Claudia Wells took the role for the first film but a family illness caused her to decide not to reprise the role.

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