back to the future

From the BTTF website: “Back to the Future” Marathon & Party in Miami, Florida, May 22-25, 2015

Next Memorial Day, O Cinema and The New Tropic are sending you BACK TO THE FUTURE!

To commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the original, the ‘future’ year in Part II, and the 25th anniversary of Part III, O Cinema is bringing Hill Valley to South Florida.

  • On May 22nd -May 24th at 9pm, enjoy nightly screenings of the original BACK TO THE FUTURE. (Ticket info here)
  • On May 25th at 2pm, blast through the entire space-time continuum in one sitting during the Back-to-Back-to-Back to the Future Marathon (followed by The Enchantment Under the Sea Party). What’s the matter, chicken!?
  • On May 25 at 8pm, dress in the fashion of your favorite era and meet us at The Enchantment Under the Sea Party (followed by a screening of Back to the Future at 9:30pm) and get ready to dance through time. Be There Or Be Square!

In typical O Cinema fashion, expect activities, giveaways, and surprises!

Read more: http://www.backtothefuture.com/news-events/upcoming-events/Back-to-the-Future-Marathon-Party-in-Miami