From TheGuardian.uk: Back to the Future: thousands still hoping to see Secret Cinema production

When Secret Cinema, an organisation that arranges ambitious, mixed-media screenings of films, announced it was to show Back to the Future over 30 nights this summer, it sold more than 65,000 tickets. (On the day the project was announced I was on holiday, and received such a bombardment of texted BTTF quotes from fellow obsessives I assumed a cast member had died, if not that someone really had invented time travel.) The last Glastonbury festival sold 120,000. Secret Cinema had scored a big achievement, especially as its screening-with-extras cost £53 a head. It’s those “extras” that give Secret Cinema its zing: live performance, music, food, dress-up – all sorts of tricks layered over a main-event screening, the details of which are kept a secret until the last moment.

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