back to the future

From Vox.com: “Back to the Future is the most perfect blockbuster ever made. I will not hear otherwise.”

We all have a favorite big, dumb, fun movie that’s loud and raucous and less interested in any thematic depth than in giving us a great time. Such movies exhaust any critical objections and simply leave you spinning around, with a giddy smile on your face.

For me, that movie is and always shall be Back to the Future, a movie I consider literally perfect. Tell me about its imperfections. Point out to me its plot holes. Lecture me on how time travel doesn’t work like that. I don’t care. It’s a weird little science-fiction incest comedy that, to me, sets the standard all other popcorn movies must match, the one that leaves them all feeling a little bit lacking.

Thus, on the 30th anniversary of its release — the movie debuted on July 3, 1985 — I give you five reasons why Back to the Future is perfect.

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