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Get Your Brand New “Back to the Future” Clock Tower T-Shirt! – Updated with Pics of Fans!



This one-of-a-kind T-shirt has the clock tower flyer on the front, and “I love you 555-4823″ on the back. For an additional charge, Claudia will autograph the shirt for you!

T-shirts are $30.00 each, or $40.00 with Claudia’s autograph, plus shipping, except where noted.
Shipping is $5.00 in U.S., $10.00 outside U.S., for each T-shirt ordered.

You can pay by credit card, debit card, or your PayPal account. Payment is processed securely by PayPal.

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Francesco Delfina in Wonderland, Maine:
photo 4
Jordan Samper in France:
photo 3


Here’s Johnatan Bartolozzi. He runs the French Back to the Future fan site.



  1. Ethan Tudor W.

    4 months ago

    This is REALLY awesome, and Rumor HAS it you will be at Wondercon in L.A. on Saturday?!?!? Will there be T-Shirt’s there for sale? I SO love these!

  2. Paul Ahn

    2 months ago

    I just purchased my T-shirt and i can’t wait to wear it myself at the Back to the future event on august 16, 20014 at the Glendale Central Park!! in Glendale