30th Anniversary Events for 2015


Photos of Claudia from Convention ASFA, Amélie les Bains, France, May 3-4, 2014 (UPDATED with new photos!)

Claudia is in France this weekend at the Association Science-fiction Fantastique/Steampunk Amélie, and here are some photos from the convention.

image-5 image-4 image-3


With Pam Rose (Star Wars, superman)







  1. Munier Marthe

    10 months ago

    Merci pour votre présence !!
    Ma fille a dit que vous étiez très jolie :)
    Peut être à l’année prochaine !!

  2. Dimitri Trooper

    10 months ago

    Claudia shot first ;)

  3. Sébastien

    10 months ago

    What a disappointment to have missed this appointment, the more reason you were in the village of my ancestors!
    I hope you’ll come back

  4. Pujade Robert

    10 months ago

    Thank you Claudia to come to Amélie les bains!