Trophy Unlocked Blog Covers Back to the Future

As we continue forward through the years, there will always be new movies to entertain and appeal to a wide variety of interests, some more niche than others. Similarly, as Trophy Unlocked continues operations, we will strive to review whatever movie catches our eye and inspires us to not only view it, but write out our feelings about it. We’ve been doing our best to accomplish this goal for three years now, but back when it was solely updated by me, I had been pretty enthusiastic about the idea of reviewing. I still am and I love to write down how I feel about a given movie, game or comic, but the very early days of this blog are what I would consider my worst, since I had almost no idea of what I was doing and my writing style hadn’t begun to take shape just yet. That was how my second review became devoted to not just one, but three films all at once; you may know this as the Back to the Future trilogy.

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