Watch the pilot episode of “Herbie the Love Bug,” a TV series starring Claudia Wells

Patricia Harty, Dean Jones, Nicky Katt, Douglas Emerson, Claudia Wells

A television series, Herbie, the Love Bug or Herbie the Matchmaker,[1] was aired in 1982 on CBS, Dean Jones reprised his movie role for the series.[2] Five episodes were made:[3]

  • “Herbie the Matchmaker” — original air date: 17 March 1982 (also known as “The Love Bug”)
  • “Herbie to the Rescue” — original air date: 24 March 1982
  • “My House Is Your House” — original air date: 31 March 1982
  • “Herbie, the Best Man” — original air date: 7 April 1982
  • “Calling Doctor Herbie” — original air date: 14 April 1982


The title of the film, Herbie the Matchmaker, comes from when all five episodes are shortened together to form the 2 hour movie. (Wikipedia)