Tiles of Claudia’s engraved name and that of her store, Armani Wells are now located on Mars as part of the NASA Mars InSight mission making Claudia’s name and store reside on the surface of Mars for all time. Separately, four of Ms. Wells’ personal items consisting of BTTF-related items and a photo of her with her PhD dad were inside the NASA Orion shuttle which orbited the Earth in less than five hours and landed off the coast of San Diego in 2014.

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Claudia Wells’ iconic starring role, as Jennifer Parker, Michael J. Fox’s present-day girlfriend, in the 1985 hit film BACK TO THE FUTURE, has forever put her in movie history.

Wells starred in STOP THE MADNESS, an anti-drug music video, in conjunction with the Reagan administration and Entertainment Industry Council (EIC).  Claudia also starred in the Emmy Winning television movie, BABIES HAVING BABIES, and played the lead, Linda Barrett, in FAST TIMES, a television adaptation of the popular 1982 film FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH. Claudia is also known for roles in the TV series HERBIE, THE LOVEBUG, with Dean Jones and is considered a “car girl” by Delorean lovers & Herbie lovers everywhere.

Taking a break from acting when her mother was diagnosed with cancer, Claudia returned and still loves acting, as well as traveling the world, hosting corporate events, and making appearances for her fans.

Although Claudia has amassed over 60 credits; in film, TV, opera and theater, she considers her true on-screen career to still be ahead of her and is open to gritty roles that shy away from convention and push the envelope. Claudia prioritizes personally running her fine men’s resale clothing store, Armani Wells at its original Studio City location, since she opened it almost 30 years ago in 1991. Dressing men and showing them the respect and dignity they deserve is a passion for Claudia which she is dedicated to at Armani Wells.

Claudia keeps busy with her store, appearances, speaking events, and serving as an actress on set. Her heart is blessed by the worldwide fan base and the love continually shown to her due to her “Jennifer Parker” role in Back To The Future.